It is not only planners who use TLNplanner on a daily basis. This calculation tool is also used by other members in the organisation to calculate times, distances, emissions, toll costs and transport costs. For example, the sales or finance departments.

Time and Distance Calculations

With TLNplanner, you can quickly and accurately calculate the distance and driving time behind the wheel for each route, as well as the rest time that the driver needs to plan along the way. Will a truck, a van or a passenger car be used for the trip? TLNplanner lets you choose from a wide range of vehicle profiles, always giving you a reliable and realistic calculation.

Toll and transport costs

An increasingly large part of transport costs is made up of toll costs. Is the planned route through tunnels or along roads where tolls are levied? Is it a truck that is subject to tolls in Belgium or Germany? With TLNplanner you not only calculate the total transport costs, but also the toll costs.

Fuel costs and emissions

Not only your company, but also your customers face major challenges in order to meet climate objectives. The logistics sector alone has expressed the aim to halve CO2 emissions caused by transport by 2030. TLNplanner enables you to calculate not only fuel consumption per trip, but also emissions.

Estimates and actual costings

Maintaining or even increasing the profit margin starts with a reliable estimate and ends with a proper actual costing. With TLNplanner, you are able to calculate in advance whether a trip is profitable, which means you can include the correct rates in your quote. Did you outsource the trip? You can easily calculate whether the invoiced amounts are correct. Using TLNplanner avoids misunderstandings.


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