Is your quote correct? To make an exact calculation, you need to know the expected costs. In addition to transport costs, the toll for trucks is also a considerable cost item. TLNplanner lets you calculate the toll costs for all countries that levy tolls.

Calculating toll costs

Toll costs are an important factor to take into account when planning your route or preparing your quotation. TLNplanner helps you plan the most efficient routes as well as preparing quotes.

Belgian kilometre-based tax

Since 1 April 2016, all owners of trucks with a maximum authorised mass of more than 3.5 tonnes have been paying a kilometre-based tax in Belgium. The Belgian kilometre-based tax applies to motorways and to a number of regional and municipal roads.

With TLNplanner Internet, you can quickly and accurately calculate the toll costs in Belgium in your route planning. This professional route planner provides current toll rates within European countries. This means that you will always have access to the current Belgian toll rates for your lorries and will never be surprised by additional costs.

German toll charges (maut) for motorways and B-roads (bundesstrasse)

Since 2015, the German HGV toll no longer only applies to trucks of 12 tonnes or more, but also to trucks with a minimum weight of 7.5 tonnes. This toll is levied when using German motorways. These roads are also called 'bundesautobahnen' and fall under federal management. However, there are also tolls for 'bundesstrasse'. These are roads off the motorway, which also fall under the federal government. In 2018, toll charges were levied on the entire German road network. As a result, the total road network subject to compulsory tolls is now about 55,000 kilometres!

In 2019, the German toll will be considerably higher than in 2018. In May 2018, Germany decided to significantly increase the toll for lorries by around 20, or even 60, percent. Euro class 6 lorries with four axles now pay 60 percent more than before.

Dutch kilometre-based tax

Following the examples of Germany and Belgium, more and more voices are being heard in the Netherlands regarding the introduction of kilometre-based road tax. An increasing number of political parties and interest groups see kilometre-based tax as the solution to curbing traffic congestion on Dutch motorways as well as reducing CO2 emissions. It seems likely that before long we will also start paying extra for a large part of the kilometres travelled in the Netherlands.

Should the Netherlands actually start introducing kilometre-based tax, you will be able to see what the implications are within TLNplanner. When this happens, TLNplanner will be updated as soon as all the details are known. Your advantage: well before the date on which the kilometre-based tax is introduced, you will easily be able to calculate what extra costs you are facing and which costs can be passed on. This will give you time to notify your customers and to implement what measures are necessary.

New toll rates in TLNplanner

All new toll rates are always updated as quickly as possible in the TLNplanner. This allows you to anticipate changes in advance, giving you sufficient time to notify your customers.

Calculating transport costs

TLNplanner enables you to prepare quotations. Simply select the vehicle profile that serves as the basis for calculating hours and kilometres. Next, it is up to you to determine how to calculate the transport costs: based on cost per kilometre, cost per hour and/or fixed costs.

Do you want to schedule time for loading and unloading or for mandatory rest periods? You can add extra stops at route points, journey breaks or rest periods along your route. The result: accurate, reliable and realistic quotes without unpleasant surprises for you and your customers.


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