Route planning

In road transport, route planning systems are used to calculate the optimal route for a single truck with two or more delivery points. The route planner takes into account all of the data relevant to road transport: maximum height for transport by road, axle loads, routes for ADR goods or LHVs, environmental zones and time-frames in inner cities, etc.

Such a system not only calculates the distance and driving time, but also the transport costs and toll charges. All that is needed is geographic data such as place names, postal codes, street names and house numbers, or geographical coordinates — useful for new construction sites, for example. Based on this data, the system generates a map showing the route.

Plan your routes based on important data for lorries. You can choose from standard vehicle profiles to generate standard results:

  • Heavy goods vehicle 40T
  • Light goods vehicle 20T
  • City distribution 12T
  • Delivery van (Courier)
  • LHV
  • ADR

The profiles are set to calculate the optimal route, taking into account toll roads, driving and rest periods, weight restrictions, transit traffic, bridge heights and other route restrictions.


Planners can sometimes lose themselves when trying to plan the optimal route. How should they determine the optimal delivery sequence on a route? Especially when time windows, delivery arrangements and opening times come into play. This can be a complex puzzle, that can easily take several hours to calculate for a complete fleet. TLNplanner is the tool of choice for optimising routes.

Lower costs, better service

Route optimisation is one of the most important tasks of planners. Once all assignments have been distributed among the available vehicles, one question remains: what would be the optimal delivery sequence for each vehicle?

Inefficient route planning leads to unnecessary kilometres driven and therefore extra costs. And perhaps more importantly, customer confidence may suffer if agreed times are not met.

Plan faster and easier

With TLNplanner you can quickly and easily optimise the sequence of the routes stop points. This smart route calculation tool calculates the optimal delivery sequence for stop points, based on the straight-line distance or the number of kilometres by road. TLNplanner can also take into account as many as three time-windows per stop.

Are your deliveries tied to pre-arranged times, customer opening hours, or specific time windows, for example, when your vehicles are allowed to enter the inner city? In that case, TLNplanner offers the solution. With TLNplanner, you can avoid unnecessary kilometres, save fuel, reduce CO2 emissions and avoid waiting times. In short: smart planning saves you money.

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Talking about planning

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