The ideal route for a van carrying packages is different from that of a truck transporting hazardous goods. And even if the route is identical, the costs can vary considerably. Thanks to the different vehicle profiles, you can keep a grip on the efficiency of all journeys.

More and more inner cities are using environmental zones in which some vehicles are no longer allowed. Several bridges and tunnels are not designed for large and heavy trucks. And for trucks with dangerous goods or LHVs, mandatory driving routes may even apply.

TLNplanner takes all these preconditions into account. You determine which vehicle profile is most suitable for the journey. TLNplanner then calculates the optimal route and the associated times, distances and costs. Your operation therefore becomes efficient, both on the road and administratively.

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Vehicle profiles

Plan your routes based on important vehicle data. You can choose from six standard vehicle profiles, generating standard results:

  • Heavy goods vehicle 40T
  • Light goods vehicle 20T
  • City distribution 12T
  • Delivery van (Courier)
  • ADR
  • LHV

The profiles are set up to calculate the optimal route, taking into account toll roads, environmental zones, weight restrictions, transit traffic, bridge heights and other route restrictions.

It is also possible to create your own profile for your vehicle.

LHV vehicle profile & road network

Until recently, it was not possible for LHV users to plan a route digitally. A solution has now been found. PTV Group, TLN and the RDW have ensured that the LHV vehicle profile and the LHV network are now available in TLNplanner.

As soon as the LHV vehicle is selected in TLNplanner, the road network suitable for LHVs will light up on the map. This service is currently available only in the Netherlands, but the aim is to expand this service to other countries in the future. TLN is pleased with this new feature in TLNplanner. It now offers transporters the opportunity to also plan LHV routes quickly and efficiently.

ADR vehicle profile

Many companies transport dangerous goods, which is not always without risks. In order to limit these risks as much as possible, TLNplanner Internet takes your ADR vehicle into account.

Specially developed ADR vehicle profile in TLNplanner Internet

  • All tunnel restrictions applicable to your transport are taken into account when calculating the most efficient route
  • Routes throughout the whole of Europe are calculated for ADR vehicles

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