The fact that not everyone is familiar with all the options in TLNplanner is not unusual, given its many features. For example, one of its features is the Data Manager with which users can import their own customer and supplier data, including contact details, into TLNplanner, as well as other items such as loading or unloading locations.

Instantly Visible Data

To make all the locations of your customer or supplier immediately visible on the map, you now only have to enter their name. If you have many regular customers or suppliers, you do not have to enter the address information again and again. The Data Manager lets you enter frequently recurring addresses in the TLNplanner as standard.

screenshots tlnplanner datamanager

Customer and supplier data

If there are restrictions on certain customers, these can be included in the Data Manager. These may include various factors such as: time windows, stay times and also other comments including: loading and unloading points, contacts or telephone numbers. This data can be entered by means of a CSV import or manually created.

Overview by means of symbols

TLNplanner offers you the option to choose different symbols and colours for your delivery addresses. Choosing different symbols and colours gives you a clear picture of your delivery addresses on the TLNplanner map. For more information about TLNplanner's Data Manager, you can contact our helpdesk using the details below, or view the digital manual here.

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