Jan van Dam Transport has provided transportation of industrial machines around the world for over twenty years. The company is primarily active in the Benelux, France, Germany and Spain. Within the framework of the complete service package, the drivers not only transport the machines but also place and install them for the customer on site.

Use of TLNplanner

For the calculation of routes, Jan van Dam Transport found the standard route planner, TLNplanner DVD, through Transport Logistiek Nederland. This is mainly used to optimise daily planning and costing for transportation services performed, on the basis of kilometres travelled and toll charges. To make the routes as efficient and profitable as possible, freight offered along the route is also taken into account.

TLNplanner is also often used to prepare quotes. Toll charges and kilometres travelled are an important factor here. The route planner is also used to calculate journey times, so that the planner has an accurate picture of when a vehicle needs to depart in order to arrive at the customer at the right time. Finally, the route planner is used to find filling stations and motorway restaurants for the drivers.

The planners are enthusiastic about TLNplanner Internet 2012

With the arrival of TLNplanner Internet 2012, Jan van Dam Transport switched from DVD to the Internet. An important reason for this was the need to extend the number of licences. The initial findings at Jan van Dam are very positive. The planners are very enthusiastic about the increased speed and user-friendliness, for example.

Important advantages

Another advantage is the fact that it is easy to create an estimate using TLNplanner. When the number of kilometres and the toll charges for a journey are listed clearly, the organisation can offer a competitive kilometre price and provide a suitable quote. This function is also important when cargo from an online freight exchange service such as Teleroute is accepted. The planner can see the costs for a particular route at a glance and can make an accurate assessment on whether the rate offered is of interest.


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